Earn SHARE Point Rewards

As you have learned in previous posts, one SHARE Point is worth one $1 US Dollar within the SHARE Ecosystem. You will be able to buy anything offered within the SHARE Ecosystem with the SHAR Points you have earned or acquired.

You can pay for your monthly SHARE Canine Health Cost Sharing membership with SHARE Points, or buy services directly from veterinarians as they join SHAR and make themselves available to the SHARE Community.

We are also actively developing relationships with other suppliers from Pet Stores, corporate partners like the pet food companies, pharmaceutical companies developing medications for our pets, etc. You may even contribute SHARE Points to your favorite Pet Rescue organization or local SPCA to help them in their mission to save our companion pets.

So, how do you earn SHARE Points? In this early stage of our development, we are a startup and need exposure. We need to introduce SHARE to everyone, pet parents, dog lovers, veterinarians, rescue missions, shelters, breeders, and kennel clubs.


You will earn one SHARE Point for every person you get to register into our SHARE Community App. To start off you will become a Bronze Ambassador for bringing two (2) people into the Community, Silver for bringing ten people (10), and Gold for bringing in twenty five (25). That equates into 2 SHARE Points, 10 SHARE Points, and 25 SHAR Points respectively. But you can keep going. We track all referrals and all registrations through the SHARE Community App.

Here is what you do first:

1. Make sure you have registered into the SHARE app HERE;

2. Click on the Members tab on the left (if viewing on PC) menu;

3. You will see a list of members and an Invite button on the right;

4. Click that button and you will see all the options you have to send messages to your network about joining the SHARE Community;

5. You will also see your stats as how many you have referred and how many of them have joined. These are the numbers we will use to grant SHARE Points as rewards.

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